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Cosmetic surgery in Egypt is very common nowadays to address aging of the face or enhance a body part which can be the beginning of a new happier life and better self-esteem. For us, you can get for both basic and advanced cosmetic surgeries. We take you seriously.
We offer improvements to the various body parts, face, body and breast, and our hospitals’ strength is because of their highly skilled plastic surgeons and their great patient services in the land of smiles.

Your body is a temple and since that is the case it’s up to you to make sure that it stays in the best shape that it can possibly be in. So normally, you would make sure to diet and exercise regularly, however, sometimes that’s not always enough so many turn to Cosmetic Surgery Egypt to reach their goal of looking and feeling as great as they can

Cabella Clinic offers all of the services for Medical Tourism and if a patient decides to come to us for treatment, our international team will make all the necessary arrangements for the patient and their relatives, including


  • Visa assistance
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Consultation and/or admission
  • Airport transfers
  • Medical services
  • Etc...   
  • Trips

Cabella Clinic offers comprehensive healthcare packages for international patients and our dedicated professionals will take care of all aspects- right from helping to plan the package to ensure their treatment period here is comfortable and hassle–free.

Our service begins from the moment a medical report is received and passed to the appropriate specialist for a medical opinion. This allows the patient to obtain a specialist opinion of the treatment or surgery required. Once a patient reaches our clinic, a full range of services is provided, including translations and all daily requirements during their stay.


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